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WPPSI-IV UK Video Transcribe


Welcome to this two minute presentation about the WPPSI-IV UK which is launched this December (2013).

I'm sure most of you will be familiar with our gold standard Wechsler tests which are renowned for there reliability, efficiency and accuracy. The new WPPSI-IV is the latest member of this family.

Enhanced Benefits

This new edition gives you enhanced benefit as the examiner and for the child with the aim to give you greater interpretive clarity. For example, assessing young children can present a unique challenge, the updates for the WPPSI focus on being developmentally appropriate.

You can expect to find fun and engaging features including three new processing speed subtests including bug search, cancellation and animal coding.

We've included demonstration, sample and teaching items whenever possible to explain and illustrate a task and ink dabbers. Children will now use an ink dabber to indicate responses on all processing speed subtests. This reduces fine motor demands and can increase motivation.

We've also developed the WPPSI-IV to insure administration is as efficient and user-friendly as possible.


Testing time has been maintained or reduced and two new tasks, picture memory and zoo locations have been added to help detect emerging difficulties with working memory.


Some of the updates include improved clinical utility, we've also increased the age range up to seven years and seven months and there are new and updated special group studies and validity.  We've also updated the psychometric properties, the UK sample has been updated and there are improved floors and ceilings for each of the subtests.  Also there's a new web based scoring and reporting via Q global.  This can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

With more fun for the child and better insight for you the WPPSI-IV UK is a welcome addition to the Wechsler family.

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