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KeyMaths3 UK Video Transcribe


Results from the Department of Education Key Stage 2 tests show that thirty thousand children leave school at age eleven with maths skills of a seven year old.

Numeracy is a key priority. With KeyMaths3 UK you can assess math skills in children age six years to sixteen years eleven months and it assists with intervention planning.

Areas of Assessment

KeyMaths3 UK is an untimed assessment, which takes around thirty to ninety minutes.

There are three key areas. The first one is basic concepts. This looks at foundations of maths including algebra, geometry, measurements, data analysis and probability.

The second area looks at operational skills, which are fundamental for success and source mathematic abilities including mental computation and estimation, written computation including addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 

The third are looks at Applications, so foundations of problem solving and applied problem solving. This assesses the ability to apply conceptual knowledge and operational skills to solve maths problems.

Why use KeyMaths3 UK

KeyMaths3 UK is a welcome edition to our assessment family. It enables you to measure maths proficiency using highly reliable scores and also measures student progress. The data is essential to help you with your educational placements and is also useful to judge interventions.

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