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Hello and welcome to this short video about the Conners US Assessments of Child Behaviour.

There are three versions in total. There's the Early Childhood Version, the Conners 3 and the Conners Comprehensive Behaviour and Rating Scales.

Conners Early Childhood

First I am going to talk to you about the Conners Early Childhood. This is an assessment of a wide range of behaviour, emotional, social concerns and developmental milestones of pre school age children. It is very valuable to have an early identification of disabilities or developmental delays in this age group, and also to be able to plan and monitor interventions, research and screening.

The Conners Early Childhood for use with children aged from two to six years uses parent teacher forms, and they come in a range of full, developmental milestones, behavioural, behavioural short forms and global index. You must use USB scoring software to score these forms, however the global index can be hand scored.

Conners 3

The Conners 3 is a revision of the Conners Rating Scales - Revised. This version gives you a more thorough assessment of ADHD and the common co-morbid disorders. There are also stronger links to the DSM-4. This version of the Conners can be used for children aged between six years and eighteen years for parent and teacher forms and from age eight to eighteen years for self report forms. The forms are available in full form, short form, global index and ADHD index. They can be hand or computer scored via USB scoring software.

Conners Comprehensive Behaviour Rating Scale

The Conners Comprehensive Behaviour Rating Scales gives an assessment of a wide spectrum of behavioural, emotional, social and academic problems. This assessment covers an age range of eight to eighteen years old for self report and six to eighteen years old for parent and teacher forms. Forms available include a full form and a clinical index form. They are only available to computer score; however you can handscore the clinical index.

The scoring software provides you with T-Scores, assessment reports, progress reports, comparative reports and the USB stick has unlimited usage.

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