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Pearson Information Assistant logoWelcome to the Pearson Information Assistant (PIA). Here you can find detailed information - including videos, online presentations, FAQs and webinars - on a range of products for your profession.

As an Occupational Therapist the following products may be of interest to you. Click on the product links below to visit our information pages for each assessment:

Cogmed - Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based intervention for improved working memory.

Conners Family of Assessments - The Conners Family of Assessments use three assessments in total to assess emotions, behaviour and academic problems and in the case of Conners 3 has a more thorough assessment of ADHD. Products included here are: Conners Early Childhood (Conners EC), Conners 3rd Edition (Conners 3), and Conners Comprehensive Behaviour Rating Scales (Conners CBRS). 

Movement ABC-2 - Movement ABC-2 identifies, describes and guides treatment for motor impairment.

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