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Moving forwards

Moving Forwards

Support adapted to you and your client's need  

With a new lockdown in place in-person sessions with students and clients may not be practical or feasible right now.

We understand that you may looking for solutions to continue supporting your clients or students, who are relying on you to help them to continue to live as normal a life as possible in these uncertain times. 

At Pearson Clinical Assessment, we have a range of resources, tools and support that can aid you to continue to be there for those that need you the most, even if it can’t be in person.  

This includes digital solutions to use either during your Telepractice or socially distanced face-to-face sessions, as well as guidelines on how to keep safe whilst using our assessments, so you can find the right path for yourself as well as those you serve:

 > Visit our COVID-19 page for more COVID specific updates.

 > Visit our FAQ page


Support for face to face sessions.

Face to Face sessionAs we slowly get back to a new normal, you may be wishing to provide your clients with face to face socially distanced sessions. To do so, some precaution will need to be put into place to use our physical print kits.
You can find out more on these precautions by:

View Doc> Reading our PPE document

> Exploring our overview and practical tips on disinfecting testing materials.

                  > Contacting your local authority



Digital Assessment Solutions

Pearson logo PCDecades of research paired with today’s innovation – our digital assessment solutions put engaging content efficient testing, and accurate results right at your fingertips!


 > Learn more on our iPad or web-based solutions


Remote Assessment via Telepractice

Online SessionSome of you may wish to continue to provide virtual face to face sessions via Telepractice, allowing for continuity of care when in-person sessions are not practical or feasible.
Also know as telehealth, telemedicine or remote testing – the common theme is, you want to know how to serve your clients during this time so that you can continue to deliver clinical, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral health, and psychoeducational tools and assessments to students and clients at home.

 > Learn more on Telepractice



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