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Helping you to support children reach their milestones

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for their overall development. They will hit many milestones such as, learning to crawl and walk, a first smile, their first social interaction, all of which will support their ability to learn and interact with the world around them. 

But when these milestones are not met within a certain timeframe, this may highlight a developmental issue that needs to be addressed as early as possible. 


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Developing their language acquisition skills 


Language skills, the most common developmental disorder, is comprised of the child’s ability to communicate but also understand social cues and gestures. There are many reasons that can impact a child’s ability to communicate, some of which can be aided through additional support and practice, while others may take longer to come to fruition. 

There are many key milestones that can make up a child’s communication journey throughout the years. You can find a comprehensive list on ICAN’s website


Types of issues**: 

  • Receptive language disorder: When a child is unable to make a connection between a name and the object it represents 

  • Expressive language disorder: The inability for children to retain a large number of words and/or use them correctly  

  • Speech production: When a child is unable to speak at all. This could be down to physical inability, a cognitive or social issue. 


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A 3-part webinar series by Angela Kinsella, Consultant Speech-Language Therapist at Pearson, providing a detailed introduction to the CELF range of clinical assessments, and their test structures.




Angela Kinsella, Consultant Speech Pathologist, Pearson and Richard Nash, Customer Success Manager, Pearson,  give a brief on using the CELF-5 UK via Telehealth including the factors for conducting the assessment and how to capture the student’s responses.



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Learn more on the CELF 5 assessment process, its 14 tests and if the print or digital format is right for you.



 View our Language skills assessments



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