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Permissions and Licencing Requests

Please read through the options below, select the category that you are interested in pursuing, and follow the links to initiate the request.


Purchasing a commercially available product (in English in the UK) 

Purchase online here or go to Customer Service online web form with questions. This is not a request for a permission grant or a licence agreement.

Permission granting requests, such as:

  • Reproduction of materials – request to reproduce a test form that is no longer in print

  • Modification of materials – request for enlarged print or braille

  • Book grant - request to use a piece of a product, such as sample items or other non-sensitive materials, in a book to be published

  • Other various permission requests, such as permission to transfer test results to an electronic medical records file, permission for limited display of test materials to be used for education or training purposes, or permission to reproduce a test form for IRB approval

Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a Permission Granting Request.

Before requesting modifications for a clinical (i.e., non-research) context, please read:

Pearson wants to assist professionals in their response to current COVID-19 constraints and other needs. We offer many resources and tools to help across your workflow; however, the following modifications cannot be authorised or licensed by Pearson for clinical use:

  • Photocopying, scanning, or digitising printed stimulus books, record forms, or other materials for the purpose of test administration; this includes converting materials to PDF or laminating forms.
  • Uploading materials to a shared drive for examinee access
  • Waiving copyright/licensing restrictions
  • Translating test materials to a language that is not currently published

Please note that creating electronic file copies of completed record forms or response booklets for the purposes of electronic storage is allowed provided these conditions are met.

For more information, please visit our telepractice landing page or for university professionals, our Training Partners Program page.


Research licence requests (non-pharmaceutical companies), including the right to translate if needed

Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a Research Licence Request.

Research licence requests (pharmaceutical companies only), including the right to translate if needed

Please read the information and instructions here if you are a pharmaceutical company that would like to submit a Research Licence Request.

Standardisation data licence requests (i.e., researchers request access to the data generated during the assessment test standardisation for reliability and validity)

Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a request to use Pearson data in a research project.

Commercial licence requests, such as a company requesting to place an assessment on its own platform

Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a Commercial Licence Request.


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