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Pearson Previews Q-interactive at DCP

Leveraging the Power of Technology to Transform Interactive Assessment

Pearson at DCPThis month we attended the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology Conference on the 5th to 7th December, where we were delighted to welcome the first step in the evolution of assessment with Q-interactive™; an evolutionary tool for professionals involved in the administration of psychological, neuropsychological and other diagnostic interactive assessments.

Introduced during the sponsored wine reception by Managing Director Chris Hall (see image, below right), Q-interactive was made available on a number of iPads to delegates during the evening.

Portable, easy-to-use assessment system

Q-interactive was designed to leverage the power of digital technology to allow qualified clinicians to focus on what they do best - through a portable, easy-to-use assessment system that provides 24-hour access to choose, administer and score clinical assessments, while they capture and record critical client behaviours and nuances that are crucial to successful assessment and treatment. Q-interactive streamlines the entire assessment process.

Clinicians were able to view how client profiles could be created with contact information and medical histories, choose and develop assessment batteries, and review scored data through a secure web-portal. Administration takes place using two digital tablets that "talk" to each other via Bluetooth connection.

Pearson at DCP 2012The clinician uses one to administer instructions, record and score responses, take notes and control visual stimuli. The client uses the other to view and respond to stimuli. Current assessment batteries available include WAIS®-IVUK, WISC®-IVUK, CVLT®-II, CVLT®-C and D-KEFS with an evolving library of tests and subtests to be designed in the near future.

'A truly innovative digital solution'

Commenting on a recent customer review period for Q-interactive, Chris Hall, Managing Director, Pearson Assessment said: "Q-interactive is a truly innovative digital solution that will enhance and streamline the clinician's assessment process. We have worked to the guiding principals of efficiency, access, clinical utility, reliability and ease of use and created a system that will lead the way assessment, evolution. We were excited to preview Q-interactive at the BPS DCP reception and share the views of our Q-interactive champions."

For more information about Q-interactive, go to where you can sign up to receive further information.


Date Added: December 11, 2012

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