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Pearson Assessment publishes and distributes many software applications to assist our customers with scoring and the interpretation of test results, as well as test administration.

The links below will assist you with any error messages you receive, installation problems or technical issues you may have whilst using software you have purchased from Pearson Assessment.


Click through to our knowledgebase to search on error messages or find out tips on software product functionality:

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Product Updates

An important aspect of running your software application is to ensure you have installed the latest updates. To find out about software updates, visit:

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Administrative Rights

Please note that you must have administrator privileges to install or update our software. If you do not have administrator privileges, contact your IT department.

Administrator is a Microsoft Windows™ security setting that enables restricted access to create, delete and modify files, folders, and settings on the computer.

Administrative rights are permissions granted by administrators to users which allow them to create, delete, and modify items and settings.

If your computer is not managed by a central IT organisation or network administrator, you most likely have “Administrator” rights as most privately purchased computers come standard with the rights set for individual user. If you do operate under an IT organisation (e.g., in a school or company setting) contact your IT department to determine if you are an administrator of your computer.


Serial Numbers

PsychCorpCenter serial numbers can be found in four different locations, depending on product and version of product. The first and most common location is the back of the CD jewel case. Here the serial number can be located in two different locations (locations 1 and 2 seen below).

  • On a sticker that was on the back of the case itself 
  • On the back of the CD jewel case printed on the bottom boarder. This code is NOT printed inside the ISBN box.
  • Printed on the pamphlet that is inside the CD jewel case.
  • On the CD itself.



Q global logo

Q-global® - Our web-based system for scoring and reporting paper administrations

Q-global is Pearson's new web-based platform for test administration, scoring and reporting. It houses the industry's gold standard in assessment tools and is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Secure and affordable, Q-global helps you quickly and efficiently organise examinee information, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports.

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Q-interactive LogoQ-interactive™ - Our iPad device-based system for administration, scoring and reporting

Q-interactive is a revolutionary digital system that delivers the world’s most advanced assessment tools you can take with you anywhere. Q-interactive saves you time, while adding unprecedented flexibility, portability, convenience and efficiency.

It is created to cater to the specific test administration and reporting needs of Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapists and SENCOs/Specialist Teachers. 

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