Explore our range or products and tools to help you assess and identify individuals with with ADHD. 

Our assessments are developed for use by qualified professionals. Our product qualification code will inform which assessments you are eligble to use. 



Qualification code: CL2

Children are assessed in the five key developmental domains of cognition, language, social-emotional, motor and adaptive behaviour from 1 to 42 months




Qualification code: CL2R

Understand the emotions and behaviours of children and adolescents, from 2 to 21:11 years of age



BADS packshot

Qualification code: CL2R

Measures DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD along with less apparent impairments of executive functioning from 3 years +



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Qualification code: CL2R

Screen for reliable indications of ADD in all ages




Qualification code: CL2R

The result of five years of extensive product development and research, Conners 3 offers a thorough assessment of ADHD from 6 to 18 years of age




Qualification code: CL2

Can be used to evaluate children's sensory processing patterns at home, school, and in the community from birth to 14 years of age



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Qualification code: CL2R

Assess key academic skills and integrate the different components with an aligned, multi-tiered intervention from 3 to 18                                                     years of age




Qualification code: CL2R

Offers in-depth social skills intervention for 20 keystone social skills linked directly to SSIS Rating scales results from 3 to 18                                                years of age




Qualification code: CL2R

Gain detailed diagnostic information with direct links to intervention from 3 to 18      years of age




Qualification code: CL1

Gold-standard test of attention for children, which uniquely measures separable aspects of attention from 5 to 15 years of                                           age



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