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Obtain rich information with this scoring software for the California Verbal Learning Test - Second UK Edition (CVLT-II UK).

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CVLT3 Coming soon!

Obtain rich information with this state-of-the-art software. It is the most technologically advanced scoring package to date, is Y2K compatible and promises the most thorough assessment of verbal memory and learning yet. Features include:

  • Multiple options for fast, accurate data entry and score reporting.
  • Full customising capabilities for reporting only desired scores.
  • Two types of pre-programmed report formats for easy automation.
  • In-depth information, that includes graphs and detailed reports.

[This is US software and the American alternative words should be inputted. Please refer to the UK record form for instructions]

The California Verbal Learning Test® - Second UK Edition (CVLT® - IIUK)

Please Note: that the CVLT-ll software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Software is not compatible with Mac OS.

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