Psychological Assessments

Our portfolio of psychological assessments covers a wide range of areas including cognition, autism, neuropsychology and mental health. These tools bring together ground-breaking theories and reliable practice, helping you assess your clients in a variety of settings. You must be a qualified professional to use our assessments and be registered with us to purchase them - Register now.


Explore a number of improvements and subtests added to the new version of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, developed to give you a truly comprehensive picture of a child's abilities

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Explore a simplified way to measure achievement in children with the new version of Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, giving you the most reliable measure of a child's attainment  

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Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition (EVT-2)

Assess expressive vocabulary and word retrieval for children and...

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California Verbal Learning Test - Third Edition (CVLT-3)

California Verbal Learning Test®, Third Edition (CVLT®3) is an...

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An efficient method of systematically gathering and organising the information needed to diagnose ASD in children and adults.

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Q-global™ is Pearson's web-based platform for test administration, scoring and reporting. 


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Provides you with the most advanced measure of cognitive ability in adults. Includes updated normative data for ages 16-90 years.
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