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Reynolds Bully-Victimization Scales for Schools (RBVSS)

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Screen for children and adolescents who engage in bullying behaviour or are the victims of bullying


William Reynolds

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Age Range:

BVS: 8 to 17 years; BVDS: 8 to 17 years; SVAS: 10 to 17 years


Individual - 10 to 15 minutes

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These three self-report, standardised instruments form a comprehensive picture of a child's experience of peer-related threat, level of distress and anxiety related to school safety. Results can provide benchmarks for identifying a child for intervention, or for identifying what students perceive as a threatening or unsafe school environment.

Bully-Victimization Scale (BVS)

The BVS provides for the identification of youngsters who are being bullied and students who engage in bullying behaviour. It may be used individually and as a school-based screening measure for the identification of bullies and bully-victims.

Bully-Victimization Distress Scale (BVDS)

The BVDS is a measure of students' psychological response to bullying and determines the internalising and externalising nature of this distress.

School Violence Anxiety Scale (SVAS)

The SVAS evaluates anxiety about the school as a safe environment, including anxiety specific to physical harm at school, harassment at school, and the potential for violence occurring at school.


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Includes manual, 30 BVS record forms, 30 BVDS record forms, 30 SVAS record forms and scoring keys
ISBN: 9780158630007
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ISBN: 9780158630014
£113.00 inc VAT
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BVS record forms, pad of 30
ISBN: 9780158630021
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SVAS record forms, pad of 30
ISBN: 9780158630045
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