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A computer-based collection, scoring, and reporting system that will enable users to track behavioural progress over time

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2:0 - 18:11 (Teacher and Parent); 8:0 — 18:11 (Self-Report)


5-10 minutes

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The Flex Monitor is an exciting addition to the BASC-3 family. It enables psychologists and professionals in a school or clinical environment to monitor and track the effects of a behavioural intervention plan. Completely web-based, efficient, and comprehensive, the Flex Monitor can be used to develop effective progress monitoring forms that can be used to track changes in behavioural and emotional functioning.

Also available in digital format via Q global® 

Users & Applications

Behavioural specialists, educational psychologists, clinicians, and other professionals can use the BASC-3 Flex Monitor to help:

  • Monitor and track the progress of behaviour intervention plans
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of school-wide behavioural expectation programs
  • Develop custom progress monitoring forms
  • Promote the involvement of teachers, parents, and students addressing behavioral and emotional concerns

Content & Administration

The BASC-3 Flex Monitor includes teacher, parent, and self-report forms that are to be used in conjunction with Q-global, a secure online system for administering, scoring, and reporting test results.

Standard forms

A variety of progress monitoring forms.

Teacher and parent forms–age-appropriate forms are available for monitoring behaviours associated with:

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Internalising Problems
  • Disruptive Behaviours
  • Developmental Social Disorders

Self-report forms – forms are available for monitoring behaviors associated with:

  • Internalising Problems
  • School Problems

Custom Forms. Choose from a pool of over 600 items to create a custom teacher, parent, or self-report monitoring form. Items can be easily viewed by using filters associated with:

  • Form type
  • Age level of the child/adolescent being evaluated
  • Behaviour type (e.g., aggression, internalising problems, etc.).

Forms can range from 5 to 45 items in length. Users are provided with immediate feedback about the quality of the custom form via a reliability estimate based on a nationally (US) representative sample.

Features & Benefits

The BASC-3 Flex Monitor offers several features, including:

  • The teacher, parent, and self-report forms can be administered digitally using a smartphone, tablet device, or computer
  • T score norms based on a nationally representative sample are automatically calculated and can be used to evaluate change and compare to others of a similar age
  • Comprehensive reporting for up to 10 administrations of a form:
    • Presented both graphically and in table-based format
    • Detailing the significance of the change in score
    • Providing a roster of existing intervention plans that are currently active
    • Providing the number of students that have reached a performance goal.


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Q-global BASC-3 Flex Monitor Report
ISBN: 9780749169756
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Q-global PRQ Flex Monitor Digital Manual
ISBN: 9780749170721
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