About the authors

Movement Assessment Battery for Children - Second Edition (Movement ABC-2) - About the authors

Sheila Henderson, Anna Barnett and David Sugden are world experts in the field of typical and atypical motor development.

Together, they have over 250 publications which include books, tests, book chapters, and articles in prestigious scientific journals. A major focus of their work has been on children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) where their research has strongly influenced UK, European and intercontinental policy on terminology, assessment and intervention. With other colleagues, they have conducted research which has advanced our understanding of motor difficulties in children born prematurely.

A recent interest in handwriting difficulty has led Sheila Henderson and Anna Barnett to produce the DASH and DASH 17+. The Movement ABC (1 and 2), one of their most significant collaborative works, has now been translated into ten different languages, and is one of the most widely used assessments of motor competence in the field.

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