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Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, Sixth Edition (Beery VMI) - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the forms?

The manual states that the different forms are as follows:

  • Full Form: This form can be used for all age ranges. However, if testing adults 19 – 100 years, you can omit test items 1-6. So for this age range you would begin with item 7.
  • Short Form: This form contains 15 items from the Beery forms. There are 21 scored items in total. This form is designed for children age 2 years-7 years only.
  • Adult Form: This form is for ages 19 – 100 years, and was only available with the 5th edition of the test. This is the same as the full form except that items 1-6 have already been omitted from the form.

Is there a special Manual for the Children’s Version of the BEERY-VMI?

The manual sold on our website is the manual that it used for both Children and Adult assessment as the manual is titled “Beery VMI With Supplemental Developmental Tests of Visual Perception and Motor Coordination For Children and Adults”

Do I need 5th edition or 6th edition record forms?

In the 6th edition, the child and adult forms have been combined making it more convenient if you work with clients of different ages. Both 5th edition and 6th edition forms are interchangeable with each manual as the content has not changed.

Why have my forms changed?

We will be phasing out the 5th edition forms to replace them with the 6th edition forms. The design of the forms has changed so that adult and child forms have been combined; however the content remains the same.

You may continue to use either 5th edition or 6th edition forms; however, we do recommend that you purchase the 6th edition manual for the most recent normative data.

I have a 5th Edition Manual, do I need to upgrade to the 6th Edition?

Yes it is recommended that you purchase a new 6th edition manual for the most recent normative data. You may continue to use your 5th edition forms.

I can’t locate the adult response forms on your website?

The child and adult forms have now been combined, so there are no longer separate forms.


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