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Assess long-term memory. Designed for use both as a clinical tool and as a research instrument.


Alan Baddeley,

Hazel Emslie,

Ian Nimmo-Smith

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5 years and 1 month to adult


Individual - 35 to 40 minutes

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The Doors and People now has norms for children

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Christopher Jarrold, Stephen Wood, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem and Alan Baddeley have collected normative data for the Doors and People Test on 148 individuals aged between 5 years and 1 month and 16 years and 1 month. This data is now published in the test for your use.

Doors and People is a test of long-term memory. It yields a single age-scaled overall score which can be ‘unpacked’ to give separate measures of visual and verbal memory, recall and recognition, and forgetting. It is designed for use both as a clinical tool and as a research instrument.

Whereas the RBMT-3 predicts everyday memory problems, the Doors and People test provides a more analytic overview of long-term explicit memory.

The test comprises four subcomponents:

Visual recognition - The subject attempts to memorize a series of coloured photographs of doors. Memory is tested by recognition of each target door from a set of four doors varying in similarity, and hence difficulty.

Visual recall - The subject copies four patterns, and subsequently attempts to draw them from memory. A total of three learning trials are allowed, followed by a delayed recall.

Verbal recognition - The subject reads out a series of names and is subsequently required to recognize each from sets of four items.

Verbal recall - The subject is required to learn the names of four people, a doctor, a postman, a minister, and a newspaper boy. Again three learning trials are allowed, followed by a delayed recall to measure forgetting.

The administration and interpretation of the Doors and People for children has minimal changes to the current test for adults and therefore the test in its current form can be used with children.

The new manual now gives both adult and child norms so that you can have the flexibility of using the tools across a wide range and different settings. The test will appeal to those working with adults and/or children in neuropsychological, educational, academic and mental health settings.


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