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Dyslexia Screening Test - Secondary (DST-S)

DST-S Manual 9780749121525
DST-S Manual 9780749121525
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Key information

Identify children in secondary school who are at risk of dyslexia


Dr Angela Fawcett,

Professor Rod Nicolson

Publication Year:


Age Range:

11 years 6 months to 16 years 5 months


Individual - 30 minutes

Qualification Code:


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The revised Dyslexia Screening Test now covers primary and secondary school-aged children in two separate assessments. The division of the DST into two tests, DST - Junior and DST - Secondary (DST-S), include extra subtests which are particularly relevant to the age group.

The DST-S provides a profile of strengths and weaknesses which can be used to guide the development of in-school support for the child.

The DST-S is designed to identify those children who are still experiencing difficulties at secondary school and provides data which can be used in support of requesting extra time concessions in exams.

The DST-S replaces the best-selling DST and reflects changes in theory and practice since this initial publication with additional subtests, validation studies and case histories and scoring software.

The DST-S cosists of the following subtests:

  • Rapid Naming
  • Bead Threading
  • One Minute Reading
  • Postural Stability
  • Phonemic Segmentation
  • Two Minute Spelling
  • Backwards Digit Span
  • Nonsense Passage Reading
  • One Minute Reading
  • Verbal Fluency
  • Semantic Fluency
  • Spoonerisms NEW
  • Non-verbal Reasoning NEW

Please note that this Software is compatible with Windows XP only.


Price list

Complete kit:

Includes examiner's manual, envelope 1 (containing 10 subtest cards and sample permission letter), envelope 2 (containing score keys), balance tester, blindfold, beads, cord, CD, scoring software and 50 score sheets in a carry case
ISBN: 9780749121556
£238.29 inc VAT
Score sheets, pad of 50
ISBN: 9780749121624
£75.60 inc VAT
ISBN: 9780749121525
£39.00 inc VAT

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