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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fourth Edition UK (CELF-4 UK) - Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Naming Subtest: are self-corrected errors counted as errors or not?

Response from author Elizabeth Wiig:

Self-corrected responses are not counted as errors. 

This is because the self-correction takes time and is therefore reflected in the total naming time. However it is worth recording the number of self-corrections. They could indicate that the child may show other evidence of impulsive responding or of word-finding deficits.

Errors of omission, commission and substitution are counted as errors.

This is because these types of errors, when uncorrected, are indicative of self-monitoring problems. Recording the number of errors gives the clinician an indication of whether to look for other instances of lack of self-monitoring.

Deficits in self-monitoring indicate an aspect of executive dysfunction that is not modality specific. In other words, children with these problems make the same errors repeatedly.

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