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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fourth Edition UK (CELF-4 UK)

Key information

Evaluate the nature and extent of language difficulties in school children and adolescents with CELF-4 UK.


Eleanor Semel,

Elisabeth H Wiig,

Wayne Secord

Publication Year:


Age Range:

5 to 16 years and 11 months


30 to 60 minutes

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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fourth Edition UK (CELF-4 UK)

The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fourth Edition UK (CELF-4UK), features a new approach to assessment that enables you to accurately and reliably assess a child's language difficulties. Combine core subtests with supplementary subtests to get a comprehensive assessment of a child's language skills as you create a pathway to intervention.

With improved diagnostic power, CELF-4UK uses a four-step assessment approach to identify children with language disorders quickly and with confidence.

You can administer the core subtests, four of CELF-4UK's most discriminating subtests, to get a Total Language Score which determines if a problem exists.

Going beyond the core subtests, the next step in the CELF-4UK assessment process helps you to determine the nature of the language disorder: the child's language strengths and weaknesses, Receptive Language and Expressive Language Scores.

Also, new to the CELF-4UK, are additional composite scores in:

  • Language Structure
  • Language Content
  • Language Content and Memory
  • Working Memory Scores.

Further testing with the following supplementary subtests also enables you to determine what critical clinical skills and behaviours underlie the child's language disorder:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Rapid Automatic Naming
  • Digit Span
  • Sequences
  • Word Associations
  • Memory Composites.

The CELF-4UK provides a bridge to classroom language and broad-based IEP planning. You can use the Observational Rating Scales (ORS) and the Pragmatics Profile as descriptive measures of a child's academic and social language learning needs.

CELF-4 UK has been used by The Communication Trust as part of their Talk of the Town Project.

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Features of the CELF-4UK

  • CELF-4UK presents a multi-step assessment process that provides fast and accurate results
  • The results provided help you to develop the most appropriate solutions for addressing children's language problems in the classroom
  • Simple to administer and score, the CELF-4UK has two new easy-to-use Record Forms that provide only the subtests you need based on the child's age
  • Flexibility of subtest administration allows for shorter testing times while providing highly reliable, accurate results
  • New composite scores include Language Structure, Language Content, Language Content and Memory and Working Memory Scores
  • Culturally diverse contexts and visual stimuli make CELF-4UK appropriate and interesting for conditions and diagnosed language disorders
  • New subtests include Expressive Vocabulary, Word Definitions, Number Repetition 1 and 2, Familiar Sequences level 2, Phonological Awareness, Pragmatics Profile and the Observational Rating Scales.

Price list

Record forms 1 (ages 5-8), pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749126322
£106.80 inc VAT
Record forms 2 (ages 9-16), pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749126339
£106.80 inc VAT
Observational Rating Scale Forms, pad of 25
ISBN: 9780749126377
£40.80 inc VAT

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