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Bracken Basic Concept Scale - Third Edition: Receptive (BBCS-3:R)

Key information

Assess a child's receptive knowledge of basic concepts with the Bracken Basic Concept Scale - Third Edition: Receptive


Bruce A Bracken

Publication Year:


Age Range:

3 years to 6 years 11 months


Individual - 30 to 45 minutes

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The Bracken Basic Concept Scale – Third Edition: Receptive (BBCS-3:R) and Bracken Basic Concept Scale: Expressive (BBCS:E) are developmentally sensitive measures of children’s basic concept knowledge.

Acquisition of basic concepts is strongly related to cognitive and language development as well as early childhood academic achievement. Building on the strength of the Bracken Basic Concept Scale – Revised, the BBCS-3:R includes updated norms and improved items.

New Features:

  • Gain a more complete understanding with the new Expressive Measure
  • Includes the ability to evaluate a child’s understanding of basic concepts expressively
  • Offers a Scoring Assistant
  • Contains a school readiness composite
  • Provides clinical studies on specific populations including Developmental Delayed and Mental Retardation

Use the BBCS-3:R and BBCS:E to:

  • Assist you in developing appropriate IEP goals that relate to the educational curriculum
  • Follow the early childhood education curriculum outlined through Every Child Matters
  • Easily administer, score and interpret
  • Assess important educational concepts – Colour, letter/sounds, numbers/counting, size, shapes, direction/position,
    self-/social-awareness, texture/material, quality, time/sequence.


BBCS-3:R and BBCS:E Scoring Assistant:

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Now you can quickly and accurately score test results, maintain demographic information, store raw scores and create comprehensive graphical and narrative reports for both the BBCS-3:R and BBCS:E.

The Bracken Basic Concept Scale – Receptive replaces the Bracken Basic Concept Scale – Revised. The Bracken Basic Concept Scale – Expressive is a new test meant to work as a complement to the Receptive Test.


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