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Boehm Test of Basic Concepts - Third Edition (Boehm-3)

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Boehm-3 Preschool manual

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Evaluate basic concepts essential for school success with Boehm Test of Basic Concepts - Third Edition.


Ann E Boehm

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Age Range:

5 years to 7 years


Individual or Group - 30 to 45 minutes

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Administer the Boehm-3 individually or screen an entire classroom in 30 to 45 minutes to evaluate basic concepts important for language and cognitive development.


  • Identify students who may be at risk for a learning difficulty and may need referral for additional testing.
  • Identify students in the classroom who know most concepts but are having difficulty understanding a few key concepts that are embedded in instruction.
  • Conduct pre- and post-testing to determine progress as a result of instruction or intervention.
  • Use as part of a battery of tests to assess students’ language comprehension skills.


Boehm-3 was standardized with 6,000 US students in Fall 1999 and more than 4,000 US students in Spring 2000.

  • Administrable to individuals or groups in a classroom setting.
  • Includes tools to help comply with IDEA 2004 guidelines.
  • Norms for both Fall and Spring testing enabling evaluation of progress at the beginning and end of the school year.
  • English and Spanish editions included in one test kit.
  • Parallel forms, E and F, enable pre- and post-testing to help determine if the student's comprehension of the concept is consistent across multiple contexts.

Price list

Complete kit:

Includes examiner's manual, 25 test booklets (form E) and one class record
ISBN: 9780749120009
£254.40 inc VAT
Form E test booklets, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780158020846
£87.60 inc VAT
Form F test booklets, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780158020853
£70.80 inc VAT
Additional Form E: Includes 25 test booklets (Form E), directions for administration and one class record
ISBN: 9780158020808
£126.00 inc VAT

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