Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch)

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Key information

Assess the different attentional capacities in children and adolescents


Dr Tom Manly,

Ian H Robertson,

Vicki Anderson,

Ian Nimmo-Smith

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Age Range:

6 years to 16 years


Individual - 55 to 60 minutes

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The Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch) builds on the TEA by measuring attentive abilities in children.

The TEA-Ch comprises 9 subtests which measure children’s abilities to:

  • selectively attend;
  • sustain their attention;
  • divide their attention between two tasks;
  • switch attention from one thing to another;
  • withhold (inhibit) verbal and motor responses.

The TEA-Ch is suitable for children aged 6–16 years.

The subtests are sensitive to the developmental progression of attentional skills. There are two parallel forms which allow for confidence in re-testing of the same child.

Clinical and research strengths

Standardised scores allow comparison of attentional performance in each of the attentional domains. TEA-Ch is suitable for group or single case assessment of children with a wide range of abilities.

New materials - As we constantly aim to improve our materials, the audio cassettes originally included in this test have now been changed to CDs.


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Score sheets, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749132736
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ISBN: 9780749132767
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Manual Administration Components

Audio CD A
ISBN: 9780749134082
£20.40 inc VAT
Audio CD B
ISBN: 9780749134099
£20.40 inc VAT

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