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A versatile, multi-level, norm-referenced achievement test that helps measure maths, reading and language skills for children and adults.


Achilles N Bardos, PhD

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8 years to 80 years



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A versatile, multi-level, norm-referenced achievement test that helps measure maths, reading, and language skills for children and adults.

Developed by Achilles N. Bardos, PhD, co-author of the GAMA® (General Ability Measure for Adults) test, the BASI series may be group- or self-administered.

Providing both comprehensive and survey versions, the BASI series helps present a complete evaluation of academic skills. These convenient tests yield US standard scores, national percentile rankings, age and grade equivalents, and performance classification by learning objective—without requiring individual administration or lengthy testing.

Normed during the 2002–03 school year and highly correlated to the leading individually and group-administered achievement and intelligence tests, the BASI series provides a valid, and reliable assessment tool.

Choose the Comprehensive or Survey Version Based on Your Evaluation Purpose

Use the Comprehensive version:

  • to aid in diagnosing learning difficulties
  • for understanding specific areas of strength or weakness at a detailed level
  • for measuring progress.

Use the Survey version:

  • for an accurate snap-shot of overall academic achievement in verbal and maths skills
  • to screen for academic strengths and weaknesses, or
  • to determine which level of the BASI Comprehensive test to administer to an adult or to a student performing significantly above or below  grade  level.

Comprehensive Test

The comprehensive test is comprised of six timed subtests:

  • Vocabulary (10 minutes)
  • Spelling (10 minutes)
  • Language Mechanics (10 minutes)
  • Reading Comprehension (30 minutes)
  • Maths Computation (20 minutes)
  • Maths Application (35 minutes)

Each of the subtests can be administered independently or in any combination. Total test administration time is just under two hours. The subtests also can be administered untimed to yield criterion-referenced performance information.

The test is organised into four grade-specific levels:

  • Level 1 for grades 3–4
  • Level 2 for grades 5–6
  • Level 3 for grades 7–8
  • Level 4 for grades 9–12

Note: You can use our handy grade to age converter on our free app to estimate which level of forms to use.

Survey Test

The survey test is a single, brief version of the comprehensive test comprised of a maths subtest and verbal subtest, each of which is a 25-minute timed instrument. The subtests can be administered together or independently and are appropriate for grades 3–12 and adults.

How to Use These Tests

The comprehensive version can help:

  • Determine a child’s or adult’s academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Diagnose learning difficulties in reading, maths, and spelling
  • Efficiently complete follow-up evaluations
  • Design learning interventions
  • Measure progress throughout the year or over several years
  • Compare a student’s performance to the national average
  • Place FE/HE students
  • Evaluate offenders for educational programmes

The survey version can help:

  • Gain a quick overview of achievement
  • Screen for giftedness
  • Test groups that are diverse in age and/or ability
  • Determine which level of the BASI series to administer to an adult or student performing significantly above or below grade level
  • Test in situations where time is limited or where it is not necessary to gather detailed information by learning objective
  • Evaluate offenders at intake
Less time Takes only 25 minutes to administer each subtest
Flexibility Each subtest can be administered independently; test only for the relevant skills.
Wide range The series was developed to have a low basal level and a high ceiling. Even individuals with poor academic achievement  will be able to answer items to help generate informative data about their performance. Conversely, the series will challenge high-performing students and help differentiate between gifted and highly gifted individuals.
Norms The BASI series was standardised during the 2002–03 school year, using a sample matching 2000 U.S. Census data.
Group and self administration Frees up the time that would be taken up administering tests individually.
Breadth of scores Generates standard scores, percentile scores, age and grade equivalents, percent correct, and performance classification at the skill composite, subtest, and learning standard levels.


Psychometric Information

The BASI Comprehensive and Survey versions were standardised on a sample of more than 4,000 students (grades 3–12 and college) matched to the 2000 U.S. Census demographic information. The Survey version also was normed on a sample of 2,000 adults (ages 18–80), matched to the 2000 U.S. Census demographic data. The samples were stratified by age, gender, race and ethnicity, geographical region, and socio-economic status.

Scoring and Reporting 

Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software - Enables you to score assessments, report results, and store and export data on your computer. 

Please note:  We have discontinued the Q‑global® functionality of the BASI™ Comprehensive and Survey versions. Digital administration, scoring and reporting is still available through our Q-local platform.

BASI Comprehensive Test Reports

Student Summary Report

A one-page report that summarizes the student’s performance by skills composite, subtest and learning objectives.

A parent’s report is included with each student report. The parent’s report graphs percentile scores and includes a space for written comments.

View a Comprehensive Test: Student Summary Report – BASI Level 4.

New – the BASI FE/HE Report

A free, optional report available for level 4 of the BASI Comprehensive version, the College Report shows how a student’s BASI scores compare to the scores of a census-matched national sample at the student’s grade level, and to two samples of college students:

  • those in their first year at a two-year community college, and
  • those in their first year at a four-year college or university.

Percentile rank scores for the BASI subtests (Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Maths Computation, and Maths Application) and BASI composites (Reading Total, Written Language Total, and Maths Total) indicate what percentage of the national sample the student scored as well as or better than.

The student’s Growth Scale Value (GSV) scores for these six subtests and three composites are also reported, as are the corresponding GSV scores for the two college comparison samples. In addition to the college students’ average GSV scores, the range of the middle 50% of scores for each sample is shown.

View a Comprehensive Test: College Report – BASI Level 4.

Adult Summary Report

A one-page report that summarises an adult’s performance by skills composite, subtest, and learning objectives.

View a Comprehensive Test: Adult Summary Report – BASI Level 4.

BASI Survey Test Reports

Summary Report

Summarises a student or adult’s performance on the maths and/or verbal subtests. This report is available for the entire Survey test or for either the maths or verbal subtests.

View a Survey Test – Maths and Verbal Skills Sample Report.

View a Survey Test – Verbal Skills Sample Report.



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Q Local BASI Comprehensive Reports, Adult Summary Report
ISBN: 9780749154981
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Q Local BASI Comprehensive Reports Student Summary Report. Includes parent report
ISBN: 9780749154998
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Q Local BASI Survey Version Summary Report - Math and Verbal
ISBN: 9780749156008
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Q Local BASI Survey Version Summary Report - Math and Verbal
ISBN: 9780749156015
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Q Local BASI Survey Version Summary Report - Verbal
ISBN: 9780749156022
£7.80 inc VAT

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