Gifted Rating Scales (GRS)

Key information

Identify children for placement in gifted education programmes with these norm-referenced rating scales


Steven Pfeiffer,

Tania Jarosewich

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Age Range:

4 years to 13 years 11 months


Individual - 5 to 10 minutes

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Designed to quantify teacher input when identifying children for placement in gifted and talented educational programs 

The Gifted Rating Scales are norm-referenced rating scales based on current theories of giftedness and federal and state guidelines regarding the definition of gifted and talented students. Teachers complete the GRS-P form for children between the ages of 4:0 and 6:11 years. The GRS-P contains brief scales covering five domains: intellectual ability, academic, motivation, creativity, and artistic talent. 

Teachers complete six brief scales on the School-Age GRS-S form to evaluate children between the ages of 6:0 through 13:11 years. The six domains include: intellectual ability, academic, motivation, creativity, leadership, and artistic talent. 

Features and Benefits

  • The GRS validity studies have been conducted to link to leading cognitive and achievement batteries.
  • Both forms of the GRS provide a standardised method for identifying children for gifted and talented programs based on teacher observations.
  • Both forms of the GRS allow for identification of relative strengths and specific areas of giftedness.
  • Both forms of the GRS provide specific behavioural guidelines for identification of giftedness within each domain.
  • Teachers can complete both forms of the GRS easily and quickly.  

Move your gifted and talented program beyond intelligence and achievement. 

Q-global scoring

The GRS is now available on Q-global®, making it even easier and more convenient to use.

The power of Q-global lets you enhance the strength of the GRS by more efficiently completing forms and identifying potential gifted students.

  • GRS rating scales can be emailed to teachers and completed online.
  • Teachers can quickly pull up on-screen forms and simply click on their responses by domain and submit.
  • No more managing paper or looking up scoring tables. Results are scored automatically with greater accuracy and easy access from any web-enabled device.

Pay-per-use reporting

Customers wishing to administer and score this assessment onscreen, can now pay per-report, giving you the flexibility to pay as the assessment is used.


Price list

Manual Administration Kits

Complete kit:

Includes manual, 25 early child record forms and 25 school age record forms
ISBN: 9780158130507
£228.00 inc VAT


ISBN: 9780158130514
£112.00 inc VAT
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Record forms for ages 4:0-6:11, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780158130521
£64.20 inc VAT
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Record forms for ages 6:0-13:11, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780158130538
£66.60 inc VAT
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Digital Scoring and Reporting

Q-global GRS Report
ISBN: 9780150015482
£3.60 inc VAT

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