Sample Reports

PDS (Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale) - Sample Reports

Profile Report (Product Number 51739)

The profile report indicates a Yes or No for a diagnosis of PTSD. The report indicates if each of the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD was met (Yes, No, or Incomplete Information). Symptom Severity, Number of Symptoms Endorsed, Symptom Severity Rating, and Level of Impairment in Functioning are also reported. There is also a narrative section that summarizes the survey results.

View a sample Profile Report (female) (487KB)

View a sample Profile Report (male) (486KB)

Progress Report (Product Number 51622)

This report is designed to monitor a client's progress over time. Provided at no additional charge, it graphically displays changes in a client's Symptom Severity Score and Number of Symptoms Endorsed for up to five previously reported PDS administrations.

View a sample Progress Report (female) (124KB)

View a sample Progress Report (male) (124KB)

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