Sample Reports

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) - Sample Reports

Individual Profile Report

This report provides percentile scores on the 9 bipolar personality traits. Designed to give the clinician a quick guide to the individual's strengths and potential problem areas, the report also summarizes demographic data and results on the test-taking indices.

View a sample Individual Profile Report.


Individual Interpretive Report

This report includes all of the information that appears in the Individual Profile Report and also provides: 

  • An analysis of the 9 personality scales to identify the individual's strengths and weaknesses
  • An interpretation of relevant interactions among the scales
  • An optional Client Summary that can be shared with the individual

View a sample Individual Interpretive Report.


Criss-Cross Profile Report

Based on both partners' self-reports and each partner's evaluation of the other, this report includes all of the Profile Report data as well as 5 individual profiles:

  • One for each individual
  • One criss-cross profile for each partner
  • One for the couple

View a sample Criss-Cross Profile Report.


Criss-Cross Interpretive Report

Includes all of the information that appears in the Criss-Cross Profile Report plus:

  • An integrated, narrative analysis of the individuals' self-report scores
  • A discussion of how each partner's self-portrait matches the portrait painted by his or her partner
  • An optional Couple's Summary that can be shared with the individuals

View a sample Criss-Cross Interpretive Report.

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