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Mooney Problem Check Lists

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Help individuals in expressing their personal problems


L V Gordon,

R L Mooney

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Age Range:

12 years to adult


Individual - 35 minutes

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This tool was designed to help individuals to express their personal problems. Four forms of this checklist are available allowing for age-appropriate assessment of a wide range of issues that may be of concern to the individuals.

Respondents are asked to read example problems and to underline those that reflect their own area of concern, whilst circling those of greatest concern. Finally, respondents answer 4 questions, which allow them to summarise their chief problems in their own words. The value of the Mooney Problem Check List approach lies in its economic appraisal of major areas of concern such as:

  • Health and Physical Development
  • Home and Family
  • Boy and Girl Relationship
  • Morals and Religion
  • Courtship and Marriage
  • Economic Security
  • School or Occupation
  • Social and Recreational Pursuits.

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