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MMPI®-2 The Minnesota Report™: Revised Personnel System, 3rd Edition

MMPI-2 Revised Personnel System, 3rd Edition

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Assessment of validity, physical symptoms, psychological, character, environment, and social factors that can impact medical treatment.


James N Butcher

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Gain a Clearer Picture for Critical Hiring Decisions.

As a psychologist, you play a crucial part in helping select candidates to fill high-risk, high-stress positions. Departments and agencies depend on your recommendations to help identify individuals who may be emotionally unsuited for demanding public safety roles. 

To help you confidently evaluate candidates for these critical jobs, the MMPI®-2 The Minnesota Report™: Reports for Personnel Settings presents in-depth, occupation-specific information—with tailored reports for six public safety fields. Based on the most widely researched self-report instrument for employee selection, these MMPI®-2 reports have been revised to provide information that is even more focused on your needs.

Whether you choose the comprehensive Interpretive Report or the Adjustment Rating Report, the Revised Personnel System will assist you in making solid hiring decisions. 

New Features Enable More Specific Comparisons 

  • Mean Profiles. Uniquely based on data from more than 18,000 personnel cases, new occupation-specific mean profiles present targeted information to help provide strong support for hiring decisions. Both the Personnel Interpretive and Adjustment Rating Reports have been updated with two sets of mean profiles on the validity, clinical, content, and supplementary scales. One profile compares applicants to other applicants for the same positions; the other compares applicants to a sample of individuals applying for public safety positions generally.
  • Contemporary Personnel Base Rate Information. Only available in the expanded Interpretive Report, the Contemporary Personnel Base Rate narrative section complements the new mean profiles and helps support further analysis. This new narrative section provides updated profile frequency data for each of the six different public safety occupations, as well as for the general applicant sample.

Occupation-Specific Reports Provide Enhanced Perspective

The Revised Personnel System reports provide valuable information enabling you to confidently evaluate personality attributes that may contribute to unsafe, irresponsible, or ineffective on-the-job behaviour. Tailored reports are available for each of these six public safety areas: 

  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters and Paramedics
  • Medical and Psychology Students
  • Nuclear Power Facilities
  • Airline Pilots
  • Seminary Students

Updated User's Guide

Helps you put the Revised Reports for Personnel Settings to work

The updated and comprehensive User’s Guide provides interpretive guidelines for all of the MMPI-2 scales and the special features included in the revised reports. In addition, this easy-to-use tool helps address key issues about using the MMPI-2 test for personnel selection, such as how to choose the appropriate test and how to administer the test effectively. It also presents detailed information on the development of the mean profiles


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