Frequently Asked Questions

Brief Symptom Inventory 18 (BSI 18) - Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the BSI reports contain all of the normative groups?

The BSI Interpretive and Profile Reports provide information on all three adult normative groups: nonpatient, psychiatric outpatient, and psychiatric inpatient. The BSI Profile Report graphically displays the data using the norm group of your choice. The BSI Interpretive Report graphically displays the data using the nonpatient norms. The other T scores are listed below this profile graph.

How can I find out the statistical relationships between the BSI test and SCL-90-R assessments?

See Table 13 in the BSI manual.

Is the BSI available in other languages?

The BSI assessment is available in Spanish and French for Canada. Forms for the Spanish version are available for use with the MICROTEST Q system and hand-scoring. Forms for the French for Canada version are available for use with hand-scoring only.

What is the difference between the SCL-90-R assessment and the original SCL-90 assessment?

The SCL-90 assessment is an unnormed precursor to the SCL-90-R assessment. The original SCL-90 anxiety scale did not work and its obsessive-compulsive scale was very weak. After the assessment was revised, norms were developed for the revised assessment (SCL-90-R), and the BSI assessment was developed from that. Most research has been conducted using the SCL-90-R and BSI instruments.

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