Sample Reports

Battery for Health Improvement 2 - Sample Reports

Profile Report

Provides a patient profile that includes a graphical representation of the patient's raw and T scores in comparison to both the patient and community norms, as well as the patient's rating and percentile. The report also includes a section on Validity Issues, Critical Items, Content Areas, Omitted Items, and Item Responses.

View a sample Profile Report.


Basic Interpretive Report

Provides a concise interpretation of test results, including a profile graph and scale summary. The report also includes brief scale category narratives including validity issues, Pain Complaints Item Responses, Content Areas, Critical Items, Omitted Items, Item Responses, Treatment Recommendation, and a Patient Summary.

View a sample Basic Interpretive Report.


Enhanced Interpretive Report

Provides a more extensive interpretation of the patient's test results, including in-depth scale category narratives. In additional to all the components of the Basic Interpretive Report , this report also includes section on Somatic Complaints, Item Responses, and Diagnostic Probabilities.

View a sample Enhanced Interpretive Report.

View a sample annotated Enhanced Interpretive Report

These documents require Adobe PDF Reader to be able to view them. You can download this free software via the following link:

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