Daniel Bruns

Daniel Bruns' practice, Health Psychology Associates, is affiliated with the Ramazzini Center, a multidisciplinary facility providing a range of rehabilitation services for injured patients.

In his 20 years of clinical practice, Dr Bruns has come to specialise in the psychological assessment and treatment of medical patients. As a result, he has taught graduate classes and workshops and has made numerous presentations to international, national, and regional professional societies on psychological testing, psychopathology, somatoform disorders and the assessment and treatment of pain.

As a member of three task forces for the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation, (Psychiatric Disability, Chronic Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), he helped to develop evidence-based guidelines to regulate the treatment of injured workers in Colorado. In the past, he has worked on the Chronic Illness Team at the Wellness Center of North Colorado Medical Center. He is also the webmaster of www.healthpsych.com.

Dr Bruns received his MA and PsyD degrees in counselling psychology from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

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Brief Battery for Health Improvement (BBHI 2)

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