Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI) - Frequently Asked Questions

What does an asterisk next to a score on the report indicate?

It indicates that one or more items on the scale were omitted or had multiple responses. The score is highlighted because the decile rank may be an underestimate.

Is the AUI appropriate with a DUI population?

Because the purpose of the AUI is to assess the drinking styles of problem drinkers, DUI (Driving Under the Influence) subjects might not fall into this category. Individuals convicted of DUI tend to have a lower profile and their results should be interpreted with caution.

How does the AUI compare with the MAC scale on the MMPI®-2; instrument?

These two measures were constructed to assess different things. The AUI measures drinking styles of known drinkers, whereas the MAC scale measures addiction potential.

Is the Alcohol Dependent Scale found in one of the scales on the AUI?

Yes, Disrupt 1 (D1). Disrupt 1 measures psychophysical aspects as well as disruptions in the person's work, family, and community relations.

Does the AUI provide information on drug use?

The AUI deals primarily with alcohol use. However, the AUI does give some indication of the subject's reported use and perceptions of the following drugs: caffeine, nicotine, marijuana/hashish, tranquilisers, barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates and hallucinogens.

Can the AUI be used for repeated measurement purposes?

The AUI is not appropriate for pre- and post-treatment administration because of the historical nature of many of the assessment's questions. However, the AUI can be used in an outcomes measurement program to establish a baseline of information.


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