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Conflict Tactics Scales

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A quick, practical, targeted and widely accepted assessment of domestic violence


Murray A Straus,

Sherry L Hamby,

Sue Boney-McCoy,

David B Sugarman,

David Finkelhor,

David W Moore,

Desmond K Runyan

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Individual - 10 minutes

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The Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS) have been used for decades to evaluate violence within families and intimate relationships. This Handbook clarifies the situation by compiling and organising the large body of information about the CTS.

In addition, it presents two updated versions of the instrument that serve as standard forms:

Revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS 2), which brings the instrument up-to-date by correcting the psychometric shortcomings of the original. It is the recommended form for assessing partner violence.

Conflict Tactics Scales: Parent-Child Version (CTS PC), is the recommended form for evaluating child maltreatment and parent-to-child violence.

The Standard Survey Tool for Assessing Domestic ViolenceIn addition to providing useful information, the CTS 2 and CTS PC meet the practical needs of family therapists, social workers and other mental health professionals.

First, they take only a few minutes to administer (in a self-report or interview format) and can be easily added to standard intake procedures. Second, they target specific actions and therefore do not require that respondents recognise their own behaviour as violent in order to answer questions about it. Third, they can be completed by one partner or by both partners separately


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Complete kit:

Includes handbook, 10 CTS 2 AutoScore forms and 10 CTS PC AutoScore forms
ISBN: 9780749160906
£140.40 inc VAT

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