New to the WMS-IV

Wechsler Memory Scale - Fourth UK Edition (WMS-IV UK) - New to the WMS-IV

Spatial Addition

Based on “N-Back Paradigm”, Spatial Addition requires minimal motor function as the client must:

  • Remember location of dots on two separate pages
  • Add or subtract locations
  • Hold and manipulate visual spatial information

WMS spatial

Symbol Span

A “Visual analog to Digit Span”, clients are asked to remember the design and the left to right sequence of the design. The clients are then asked to select the correct design from foils and choose them in the correct sequence.


WMS symbol

no more motor requirements

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Design Memory

Containing four items of increasing difficulty, Design Memory evaluates immediate and delayed recall as well as delayed recognition. It does not include drawing and reduces the opportunity to guess the correct response. You can obtain scores for spatial, details, and correct content in the correct location as well as contrast scores for spatial versus detail, immediate versus delayed, and recognition versus delayed.


WMS design

obtain scores for spatial, details and correct content in the correct location


Cognitive Screener

This new screener can be used to quickly evaluate significant cognitive impairment. You can assess:

  • Temporal orientation
  • Mental control
  • Clock drawing
  • Memory
  • Inhibitory control
  • Verbal productivity

Also available are classification tables that translate total scores into Average, Low, Moderately low, and Very low.

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