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Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Edition (PPVT-4)

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Key information

Measure receptive vocabulary. Can be used in conjunction with EVT-2.


Douglas M Dunn

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Age Range:

2 years 6 months to 90 years and older


Individual - 10 to 15 minutes

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The PPVT-4 test offers many enhancements to a vocabulary assessment that has been well respected for 50 years. This latest edition has been co-normed with the Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition (EVT™-2), allowing you to make direct comparisons between receptive and expressive vocabulary performance. Quick and easy to administer, the PPVT-4 saves you valuable time—so that you can focus on implementing successful interventions.

Ideal for Progress Monitoring

Unlike some other measures of vocabulary, the PPVT-4 supplies two equivalent forms of the test which contain different vocabulary items—helping ensure the individual has not “learned” the test. One form can be used prior to intervention to assess individuals’ vocabulary knowledge and the alternative form can be used for re-testing to evaluate and document progress. PPVT-4 also includes a unique Growth Scale Value (GSV) which is sensitive to small changes over time.


Users & Applications

The PPVT-4 test is individually administered and norm-referenced. Use it to: 

  • Quickly evaluate receptive vocabulary with a test that requires no reading or writing
  • Monitor progress using two parallel forms
  • Directly compare receptive and expressive vocabulary when you also administer the EVT-2
  • Move immediately into evidence-based interventions using those embedded directly into and linked into the scoring and reporting software
  • Meet guidelines for universal screening, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and diagnostic testing in an RTI environment


Features & Benefits

  • New Digital Stimulus Book – display visual stimuli on your desktop or laptop. Hotlinks and icons take you to the section of the test you want to administer. 
  • More stimulus words (now 228 per form), with better representation of word types across all levels of difficulty
  • All items evaluated for appropriateness with a diverse population
  • Strengthened test floor
  • Illustrations now in full color - more up-to-date, realistic art used, offering an exceptional balance of sex and race/ethnicity
  • Modernized core vocabulary
  • Identical administration and scoring procedures to PPVT-III
  • New Growth Scale Value (GSV) for measuring incremental vocabulary growth over time
  • Multiple levels of diagnostic analysis
  • Ease of use—with the ability to administer items by complete sets of 12
  • Newly designed carrying case
  • Larger stimulus material (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Enhanced technology options enhanced for faster administration, scoring and reporting

Psychometric Information

Developed over a five-year period, the PPVT-4 test was standardized on a national sample of individuals ages 2:6–90+. More than 5,500 individuals were tested; data from approximately 3,500 subjects was used for the normative scores. The sample matches the U.S. Census for gender, ace/ethnicity, region, socioeconomic status (SES), and clinical diagnosis or special education placement. The PPVT-4 test provides extremely reliable scores, with all reliability and validity coefficients in the .90s range. 

Scores and Interpretation

  • Age-and grade-based standard scores
  • Growth Scale Values (GSVs)
  • Percentiles
  • Stanines
  • Normal curve equivalents (NCEs)
  • Age and grade equivalents

Additional Studies

Clinical Validity Studies: ADHD, Emotional/Behavioural Disturbance, Giftedness, Hearing Impairment, Hearing Impairment With Cochlear Implant, Language Delay, Language Disorder, Learning Disability, and Speech Impairment

Receptive and Expressive Comparison

The PPVT–4 and EVT–2 are normed on the same sample, making direct comparison of these two scales possible.

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Price list

Manual Administration Kits

Form A handscoring kit:

Includes stimulus book, manual, 25 record forms in a bag
ISBN: 9780749157449
£261.12 inc VAT

Form B handscoring kit:

Includes stimulus material, manual, 25 record forms in a bag
ISBN: 9780749157456
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Form A and B kit

ISBN: 9780749157623
£580.80 inc VAT

Digital Scoring and Reporting


ISBN: 9780749157463
£85.50 inc VAT


Record forms A, pack of 100
ISBN: 9780749157487
£218.40 inc VAT
Record forms A, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749157050
£63.00 inc VAT
Record forms B, pack of 100
ISBN: 9780749157494
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Record forms B, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749157470
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