Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth UK Edition (WAIS-IV UK) - Training

WAIS/WMS Online Training

We currently don't have workshop dates available, but you can sign-up for more information about WAIS/WMS Online Training

The courses listed below are provided by highly qualified professionals who are not employed by Pearson. While we support these courses, we cannot endorse them or be responsible for content. Attendance on the course will not provide you with qualification to purchase the relevant assessment - qualification for purchases are based on professional qualifications.

Who can attend:
All delegates should have a preliminary understanding/ familiarity of WAIS-IV administration (or at least WAIS III/IV in its short form). They must possess a degree in psychology recognised by the BPS as conferring Graduate Basis (GBC). Psychologists in training can attend, although their clinical use of the WAIS-IV should be completed in accordance to the manual, local organisational policies, and under supervision of a Registered Psychologist with extensive expertise in use of the WAIS, and who takes full responsibility for its interpretation. 

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