Reference Materials

Speed and Capacity of Language Processing Test (SCOLP) - Reference Materials

Further information is available from SCOLP co-author Alan Baddeley and his colleagues on the the York University Website.

The website includes information for psychologists, teachers and parents as well as details of current research projects.

The research of the Centre for Working Memory and Learning focuses on the cognitive mechanisms involved in working memory and in the associated processes involved in long-term memory and learning. Much of the work of the centre is inspired directly by the model of working memory originally developed by Alan Baddeley and Graham Hitch in 1974, which has been elaborated in many ways in the subsequent period. Staff of the centre are cognitive psychologists employing a wide range of approaches to develop both theory; these include experimentation, neuropsychology, computational modelling, neuroimaging. A further theme of the centre relates to cognitive development and learning, with a focus on children with developmental impairments of learning and on implications for educational practice.

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