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Press Release: Pearson Assessment UK Announces Upgrades to Evidence-based Working Memory Training Program to Enhance Flexibility and Usability

Pearson’s Cogmed Improves Working Memory, Leading to Better Attention, Behaviour and Capacity to Learn

As students return to school and college this January, many face learning challenges or struggle to retain everything they are taught, making it difficult to succeed in the classroom. These difficulties may be the result of poor working memory,the ability to hold and manipulate information for a brief period of time.

Often referred to as the “engine of learning,” working memory underlies a student’s ability to focus and his or her capacity for learning. It is commonly impaired in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities, as well as in about 15 percent of all learners.


An update to Cogmed Working Memory Training

To help learners struggling with this challenge, Pearson Assessment UK today announced an update to its proven working memory training solution, Cogmed Working Memory Training that makes it more user-friendly, flexible and comprehensive to better support the needs of educators and clinicians.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based, computerised training program designed by leading neuroscientists that strengthens students’ working memory. Delivered to students via computer or tablet at school or at home with the assistance of a trained coach, Cogmed improves attention, behaviour and capacity to learn in the vast majority of students who use the program. 80 percent of people who complete the Cogmed training program improve their working memory by an average of 30 percent.


Cogmed Coaching Centre now delivered on iPad and Android devices

Close professional support also helps Cogmed achieve its desired outcomes. The latest release sees the Cogmed Coaching Centre (formerly TrainingWeb) delivered on iPad and Android devices. Additional features such as variable training session protocols, including 50, 35 and 25 minutes, will also make the program more flexible and user-friendly for certified coaches and their clients.

Ian Perks, Director of Studies, Calder House School, Wiltshire is one of Pearson’s Cogmed Champion Schools who has been delivering Cogmed for the last three years. During that time he has seen benefits to students, who complete Cogmed. 

“We introduced Cogmed so that children with poor working memory might better access other areas of learning and fulfil their academic and social potential. Cogmed is part of a repertoire of tools that can be used to improve working memory in children; we have found significant benefits by delivering this Cogmed which have ranged from improved auditory working memory scores, improved stamina and attentiveness. Many of our children who complete Cogmed come away with the sense of having achieved something which they found hard.”


Extensive foundation of research validation

For nearly a decade, rigorous scientific research has been conducted and published in  leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Science, Memory and Cognition and Applied Cognitive Psychology, demonstrating that Cogmed training is effective. No other brain-training product or attention-training method has Cogmed’s extensive foundation of research validation. It has been used successfully by thousands of professionals worldwide.

“Cogmed is backed by a substantial level of research supporting the programs efficacy and fidelity of use which differentiates it from other available solutions”, said Chill Hall, Managing Director, Pearson Assessment. “The latest upgrade sees Cogmed embrace the benefits that tablet technology can offer. By offering greater portability and flexibility of use, health and education professionals alike can deliver substantial and lasting benefits to individuals.”

For more information on Cogmed, please visit the Cogmed minisite.


Date posted: February 3, 2015


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