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Download the Assessment Assistant app

Assessment Assistant App logoAn iOS version of our free Pearson Clinical UK Assessment Assistant app for Apple devices, is available to download.  

The Pearson Clinical UK Assessment Assistant is your little helper for when you’re administering assessments or interventions. Aimed at health and education professionals, this free app has a number of handy functions so you can concentrate on what matters most – assessing your client.

Download the app:

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Key features of the Assessment Assistant:

  • CalculatorCalculator - to assist with adding up raw scores
  • Age To Grade Converter – Convert an age to a UK school year or US grade equivalent
  • Age Calculator – A handy function which allows you to quickly work out a client's exact chronological age (years, months, days) when you’re due to administer a test.
  • Interactive Normal Curve – Compare percentiles and standard scores on the normal distribution curve; interactive drag feature also available.
  • Interactive Normal CurveRegistration Number Reminder – Not knowing your registration number will be a thing of the past.
  • Stopwatch/Timer – Count down or up, set an alarm, or use the lap timer.
  • Area sales consultant finder – Quickly contact your rep to book a free product demonstration.

We hope you find the app useful. Please do send any comments to - we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.




See what people are saying about the app. If you'd like to add a comment, please email us.

I love this app - had it one day and already using interactive curve to convert standard scores to percentiles, and will definitely use the age calculator, stopwatch and timer. Just a suggestion - could add a normal calculator for calculating reading and writing speeds. A great free app.

Colleen Pearson, SpLD Assessor and Tutor, May 25, 2012


Great free app from Pearson Assess @PsychCorpUK works out chronological age, has interactive curve for SS + %tile.

Via Twitter, September 2, 2012


As a Special Needs Support Teacher for a large Local Authority; part of my role involves conducting a range of standardised tests on a daily basis. These tests are an essential part of our role and provide us with valuable information on pupils levels of achievement and abilities across a range of different subject areas.

Key to conducting the tests is completing the pupil's data accurately, particularly the pupil's age in years, months and days; this can often be time consuming to calculate accurately as well as often contacting the school Office or Business Manager to verify the calculations.

Using the Pearson Assessment App, particularly the age calculator has certainly had a positive impact on my practice by making age/test calculations much quicker and easier to calculate and also gives practitioners peace of mind knowing the calculations are highly precise to record on pupil's SEN records and Local Authority reports which are shared with other agencies including Parents.

The stopwatch, timer and calculator all in one place are also very useful additions to the App which I have used daily alongside the age calculator.

The Pearson App has been shared across my SEN team and is now used by a range of SEN teachers in our Service with great success.

Jemma Lambe, Special Needs Support Tutor, November 9, 2012


Brilliant app. All the 'bits' I need in one place. Great help. Thank you

Lydia Spenceley, Co-ordinator, Teacher Education Programmes, February 9, 2013


Great app, I will be making sure the rest of the team know about it.

The interactive normal curve is really useful would be great if you could put in the smaller scores from subtests and get it to calculate the percentile ranks for them too.

Sian Owen, Speech and Language Therapist, March 5, 2013


What a great little time saver this is – the Assessment Assistant is easy to download and very user friendly. I particularly like the chronological age calculator – no more trying to work out the student’s age and puzzling over the years and months!’

Caroline Read, Communicate-ed, January 13, 2014


I LOVE it! I had spent 1.5 hours before the conference trying to graph some z scores for a Head Teacher  - if I’d known about the app it would have taken 1.5 minutes!

Helen Claus, Teacher in the Netherlands, May 20, 2014


In my SENCO life, this is the most exciting app ever - We'll done Pearson!

Victoria Rodgers, SENCO, May 20, 2014


I really enjoy using this app, and find it very functional and useful. One suggestion would be to add the ability to see "adjusted age" for children born prematurely, within the age calculator. Thank you.

Ceanne Hamel, August 5, 2014


Great little app for you guys doing SEND assessments. Use the Pearson Assistant from @PsychCorpUK. Promised a mention after BDA conference.

@tha_mi_tidsear, October 27, 2014


Love, love, love this app but can we have an Extra Time  calculator on it please?

Barney Angliss, SENCO, December 4, 2014


I find the Pearson Assistant App is most useful when you are out and about working in a school or elsewhere off site. It gives easy access to information you might need from the Pearson website, and is a really efficient way of making a quick check on the various topics that you might want to discuss with staff.  It also provides easy checks for age calculations, year groups and - most usefully - exploring implications of scores via the Interactive Normal Curve.

Name withheld, Educational Psychologist, April 15, 2016


App updates:

August 2012 - Calculator added to assist with adding up raw scores

October 2014 - Updates and new look for iOS7 and 8; Higher resolution graphics for iPhone 6 Plus; Bug fix for the Age Calculation and Age / Grade Screens

December 2014 - Added access to our YouTube channel, and bug fix for screen issues when the app is started in landscape mode (iOS)

March 2017 - New Pearson visual identity to match our new website; new menus for faster navigation, new product search and access to Youtube video's.

Last updated: November 27, 2018

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