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Pressing the 'on' switch - the digital future of assessment

By Alison Winter

Google the term ‘digital technology’ and the most common phrase you’ll see is ‘How digital technology will change the way we work’. With greater access to developments in digital technology the way we interact on a personal, social and business level is changing on a daily basis. 

Making strides

One article this year that has already caught my eye, was from the Department for Health on ‘How technology is working to support patients and staff’. Here, George Freeman, Minister for Life Sciences, talks about the strides that are already being made by trusts to introduce tablets to reduce paper and help transform outcomes for patients. But how can a company who specialises in pen and paper assessments for over 90 years help achieve this? 

Over the last 12 months, Q-interactive - our digital assessment offering - has been popping up on many clinicians' radars, and we have seen more Psychologists asking not only what is it, but how can digital assessment help them on a day-to-day basis. Of course, the answer depends largely on their setting - NHS and County Council teams are often looking for different requirements from a Clinician working in private practice

For clinicians working in NHS/County Council teams, we tend to be asked: Is Q-interactive a utility that will save me time?, Will it save me money?, and What are the implications for data & security? 
Whilst clinicians working in private practice also share the same concerns, there are other benefits that they are interested in too, including pay-per-use models, the ability to carry all your  assessment around on 2 iPads, increased levels of engagement and the ability to access new and up-to-date assessments.

Digital technology - challenges and benefits 

The benefits we experience as a result of digital technology are still to be fully realised, and no doubt there will be challenges too. At Pearson we know that no two teams will be the same, which is why we’re committed in 2016 to helping Trusts and Practitioners find a model that best suits their needs, and supports the interests of their clients. Hopefully, you'll agree that while the journey to digital assessment is a bold step, it is also one that will be unique and exciting, and we look forward to talking you through the process to make this a reality.

What do you think?