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Key Q-interactive questions for NHS Professionals

In the past 12 months Q-interactive has been popping up on many clinicians’ radars and they are seeking to find out what it is, how it can help them on a day-to-day basis and if it is right for them, their colleagues and clients.

There are two different customer groups who approach us to discuss the areas that matter most when they look into moving to Q-interactive - NHS and Independent Clinicians.

NHS/County Council teams

We now work with many teams within the NHS and county councils across the UK ranging from Neuro, Educational and Clinical psychology. All have extensive experience using paper based assessments such as the WAIS IV, WISC-IV or the D-KEFS.

They tend to want to find out the following:

  • Is Q-interactive a utility that will save me time?
  • Will it save me money?
  • What are the implications for data and security? 

Will Q-interactive save me time?

We looked at one team of six clinicians who were completing a high volume of assessments that included the WAIS, WISC, CVLT-II and D-KEFS.
We had a look at their previous purchase history with us and they were spending approximately 860 hours assessing and scoring assessments per year. If this team were to transition to Q-interactive they would save roughly 234 hours per year in scoring time.
That translates to around 30 working days across the team.
Will it save me money?

As you will be well aware a clinician’s time is a valuable commodity and this 30% time saving has been seen to save around 35% in labour costs. In addition to this, we can offer very competitive pricing strategy for larger teams. It is always worth contacting us for a tailored quotation to have a direct comparison between paper and digital assessment.
What are the implications of data and security?

We take the security of your data very seriously. We understand that different teams have different needs when it comes to the provisions they need to put in place to ensure their client information is secure, if you have any concerns about how we store data please contact us.
We have worked with a number of information governance teams now in the NHS & County Council and are happy to work with them to allay any concerns; and have a whole Data and Security page on this website.
If you work in Private Practice, check out the key questions for Independent Clinicians.
Date posted: January 21, 2016

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