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Key Q-interactive questions for Independent Clinicians

Much like those in the NHS and County Councils, those in private practice would like to save time and money too, so much of the above will apply but there are some other benefits for those working in private practice, be that independently or as part of a team.

Do you offer a pay-per-use model?

If you are unsure of exactly how many assessments you will be carrying out over the year it is hard to predict just how many record forms you will require, so you may buy a packet of record forms and have them on the shelf gathering dust. With the Pay Per Use licence we will bill you each month for exactly what you have used, so no need to ‘pre pay’ for assessments that you’re not sure that you’re going to use.

Often those who work in private practice are very mobile in their roles, carrying around the WISC IV, Nepsy, D-KEFS etc is a cumbersome task. With Q-interactive you are able to carry 12 assessments along with you in two lightweight devices. We have had many people transition to Q-interactive simply for this reason.
Can I access up-to-date assessments?

When you use Q-interactive you can have access to everything that is available on it, so when something new is added you can use it straight away and pay for it per use. This saves you from having to purchase a large paper kit that you might not use all that often.
Do you see higher levels of engagement?

We hear time and time again that young people in particular respond well to there being an iPad included in the assessment process, they are immediately more engaged as the technology is of interest to the younger user.
For these reasons and more many people from independent and private practice are transitioning to Q-interactive.
At Pearson we know that no two teams will be the same, which is why we’re committed in 2016 to helping trusts and practitioners find a model that best suits their needs, and supports the interests of their clients.

To discuss your teams needs, please book an appointment with our digital consultant. We can provide you with a personalised comparison between how you currently work and how you could work using Q-interactive, and then discuss the process for introduction to your service.

Date posted: January 21, 2016

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