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Professor David Sugden

Professor David SugdenDavid Sugden is Professor of Special Needs in Education, University of Leeds. His specialist research interests include motor development, motor impairment, motor learning and children with developmental disorders.

His work has centred on the characteristics of typically and atypically developing children, how they can be effectively assessed and how appropriate intervention can be organised. He has authored books (Latest book D.A.Sugden & M.G. Wade 2013, Typical and Atypical Motor Development. Mackeith Press.), and journal articles on these topics and has received grants from agencies such the Economic Science Research Council, Action Medical Research, SCOPE, Local Education Authorities and the National Health Service.

He is co-author of the Movement ABC along with Sheila Henderson and Anna Barnett and is a firm advocate of an ecological approach to intervention with children showing movement difficulties. His current work is examining the assessment, classification, nature and intervention of children with developmental coordination disorder and his research is published in educational, psychological and paediatric journals.

At the University of Leeds he teaches the postgraduate course in Developmental Disorders and he has held leadership offices of Head of Department, Dean of the Faculty, Pro Vice Chancellor and Acting Vice Chancellor. He has now given up management and administration allowing him more time for research and teaching, and clinical work.

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