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Online Working Memory Week 2015 Recordings

Here are the recordings and slides from Online Working Memory Week 2015


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Monday 9th November

Presenter(s): Dr Sonya Campbell

Title: Fragile X syndrome and working memory, what do we know?

Recording | Slides (1.04MB)


Presenter(s): Joanne Thornton

Title: Using Cogmed as an independent practitioner in the UK

Recording | Slides (0.4MB)




Tuesday 10th November

Presenter(s): Dr Stina Soderqvist

Title: Update Cogmed research and Claims & Evidence

Recording | Slides (0.4MB)


Presenter(s): Ben Zachs

Title: New Measures and Better Outcomes

Recording | Slides (1.35MB)


Presenter(s): Susan Pearlman

Title: Working Memory Development Across the Preschool Period: A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study

Recording | Slides (1.98MB)




Wednesday 11th November

Presenter(s): Erica Bottacin

Title: Working memory impairments: Causes and responses to training across specific learning difficulties

Recording | Slides not available


Presenter(s): Dr Sarah K Smith

Title: Exploiting touch screen computers to promote communication, social interaction and leisure

activities with people living with dementia.

Recording not available | Slides (0.5MB)


Presenter(s): Professor Alan Baddeley

Title: Working Memory: Past, Present and Future

Recording | Slides (14.9MB)


Presenter(s): Dr Sissela Nutley

Title: Cogmed working memory training as part of the curriculum - evidence of long term benefits in reading and maths

Recording | Slides (0.6MB)



Thursday 12th November

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Byrne

Title: Brain stimulation does not enhance working memory training

Recording & Slides not available


Presenter(s): Dr Darren Dunning

Title: Cogmed Online Training

Recording | Slides (6.42MB)




Friday 13th November

Presenter(s): Dr Roy Kessels

Title: Working memory deficits and compensatory mechanisms in ageing and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Does adaptive training work?

Recording | Slides (1.63MB)




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