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Online Working Memory Week 2016 Recordings and Slides

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Online Working Memory Week 2016 - we hope you enjoyed the programme.

Here are the recordings and slides from Online Working Memory Week 2016. 



If you know the day the presentation took place, use the quick links to jump to the right part of the page.  

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Monday 7th November | UNITED KINGDOM


Presenter(s): David CrabtreeDavid Crabtree

Title: Working Memory and Cognition: Messages for Teachers on Whole Classroom Strategies.

Recording | Slides



Presenter(s): Alison WinterAlison Winter Oct 2016

Title: Cogmed Working Memory Training: An Overview

Recording | Slides




Tuesday 8th November | SWEDEN


Presenter(s): Stina Soderqvist Stina Soderqvist

Title: How Mindset Influences Learning

Recording | Slides 


Presenter(s): Sissela Nutley Ph.D.

Title: What is Reasonable to Expect from WM Training in Improving Academic Performance?

Recording | Slides 


Presenter(s): Dr Jennie Guise

Title: Mind-reading for Teachers: How to Tell When Working Memory isn’t Working

Recording | Slides 


Wednesday 9th November | CANADA


Presenter(s): Lovetta Monteiro

Title: KEYS to Succeed: Cognitive and Academic Intervention Programs for Children and Adolescents Surviving Brain Tumours.

Recording | Slides (Not Available) 


Presenter(s): Laurie Garcea & Corra Roberts

Title: Enhancing the Learning Potential of the Clients of the Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan with Cogmed

Recording | Slides (Not Available) 


Thursday 10th November | UNITED STATES


Presenter(s): Charles Shinaver Ph.D.

Title: The Core Efficacy of Cogmed

Recording | Slides


Presenter(s): Peter Entwistle Ph.D.Peter Entwistle

Title: What Does Cogmed Tell us About Brain Functioning?

Recording | Slides 


Presenter(s): Amy Dilworth Gabel PhD & Deirdre Metcalf

Title: Helping Students with Working Memory Deficits in the Classroom

Recording | Slides 


Friday 11th November | BRAZIL


Presenter(s): Neander Abreu

Title: Testing Visuospatial Object-Location Binding: Evidences for Episodic Buffer

Recording | Slides (Not Available) 


Presenter(s): Flávia Heloísa Dos Santos 

Title: Working Memory Dissociations in Developmental Dyscalculia

Recording | Slides (Not Available) 


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