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#EducationLearn 2016 Recordings and slides

Here are the recordings and slides from #EducationLearn 2016


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Monday 17th October Claire Parsons

Presenter(s):  Claire Parsons

Title: An Overview of Educational Assessments for Teachers

Recording | Slides (Not Available)



Tuesday 18th October Claire Parsons

Presenter(s): Claire Parsons

Title: Introduction to Vineland-3

Recording | Slides (Not Available)



Tuesday 18th October Malcolm Reeve

Presenter(s): Malcolm Reeve

Title: Practical Advice for Supporting Pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH)

Recording | Slide 1, Slide 2



Wednesday 19th October Claire Parsons

Presenter(s): Claire Parsons

Title: Introducing the WISC V UK

Recording | Slides (Not Available)



Wednesday 19th October 

Presenter(s): Katrina Cochrane

Title: Identifying Dyslexia

Recording | Slides (Not Available)



Thursday 20th October  Dr Jagdish Barn

Presenter(s): Dr Jagdish Barn

Title: How Pupil Aspire Supports Positive Outcomes for Pupils and their Families

Recording | Slides



Thursday 20th October  Anita Devi 2015 pic

Presenter(s)Anita Devi FRSA

Title: To Observe or not to Observe that is not the Question!

Recording | Slides 


Friday 21st October  Maxine Burns

Presenter(s)Maxine Burns

Title: Talk about Talk Secondary; a Pilot Programme to Improve Young People’s Communication Skills Built on a Proven Winning Model

Recording | Slides 



Friday 21st October  Dr Calum Hartley

Presenter(s)Dr Calum Hartley

Title: Communication Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: iPads and Pictures

Recording | Slides (Not Available)




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