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#EducationLearn 2015 Recordings

Here are the recordings and slides from #EducationLearn 2015. EducationLearn 2016 will be held w/c October 17 - presentations will be announced soon.


If you know the day the presentation took place, use the quick links to jump to the right part of the page.  

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Monday 16th November

Shona CrichtonPresenter(s): Shona Crichton

Title: Promoting language and communication in all schools: Tools and resources from The Communication Trust 

Recording | Slides (1.81MB)




Tuesday 17th November

Alison WinterPresenter(s): Alison Winter

Title: Working memory and its impact on the learner

Recording | Slides (2.19MB)




Wednesday 18th November

Presenter(s): Katrina Cochrane

Title: What is dyslexia? – strategies and resources to help

Recording (no slides available)




Thursday 19th November

Karina DanczaPresenter(s):Karina Dancza

Title: Practical advice for supporting children & young people with SEND in schools: An OTs perspective

Recording | Slides coming soon


Presenter(s): Mick Atkinson

Title: Promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools – a whole school approach

Recording | Slides (0.3MB)


Presenter(s): Anita Devi

Title: Do I need a 5 year strategy to develop in-house SEND assessments?

Recording | Slides (1.8MB)




Friday 20th November

Claire ParsonsPresenter(s): Claire Parsons

Title: Education assessments available from Pearson Assessment for Psychologists

Recording coming soon | Slides (0.6MB)


Presenter(s): Claire Parsons

Title: Education assessments available from Pearson Assessment for Teachers

Recording | Slides (0.5MB)




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