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#SLTLearn 2015 Slides and Recordings

Here are the recordings and slides from #SLTLearn 2015.


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Monday 13th July

Shona CrichtonPresenter(s): Shona Crichton

Title / Synopsis: The Communication Commitment: Developing a whole school approach to communication. 

Slides (Filesize: 2.39MB) | Recording



Victoria WadsworthPresenter(s): Victoria Wadsworth

Title / Synopsis: Talk of the Town - An integrated whole school led approach to supporting speech, language and communication in children 

Slides (Filesize 1.20MB) | Recording



Helen, SpeechblogUKElizabeth, SpeechblogUKPresenter(s): Helen and Elizabeth, Speechblog UK

Title / Synopsis: Social Media: How can it help you as an SLT

Slides (Filesize: 1.60MB) | Recording




Tuesday 14th July

Alison WinterPresenter(s): Alison Winter

Title / Synopsis: Cogmed and Speech and Language Therapy: A summary of the research 

Slides (Filesize: 1.34MB) | Recording




Wednesday 15th July

Theresa Redmond, Communication TrustPresenter(s): Theresa Redmond

Title / Synopsis: The 'What Works?' Database - What does it mean to me?

Slides (Filesize: 1.14MB) | Recording




Julian PinePresenter(s): Julian Pine

Title / Synopsis: Painting a more detailed picture of children's early language development 

Slides (Filesize: 720KB) | Recording



Thursday 16th July

Janet CooperPresenter(s): Janet Cooper

Title / Synopsis: A Public Health Approach to Speech / Language Therapy in the Early Years

Slides (Filesize: 1.54MB) | Recording




Lesley MunroPresenter(s): Lesley Munro

Title / Synopsis: New to the Preschool Language Scales?  An introduction to PLS-5UKand an overview comparison with the CELF-Preschool 2UK 

Slides (Filesize: 1.17MB) | Recording



Friday 17th July

Claire ParsonsPresenter(s): Claire Parsons

Title / Synopsis: Overview of SLT assessments

Slides (Filesize: 1.27MB) | Recording





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