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Online OT Event 2015 Recordings

Here are the recordings and slides from our Online OT Event 2015.


If you know the day the presentation took place, use the quick links to jump to the right part of the page.  

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday


Tuesday 17th March

Professor Anna BarnettPresenter(s): Professor Anna Barnett

Title / Synopsis: Understanding Developmental Coordination Disorder

Recording | Slides (2.42MB)





Alison WinterPresenter(s): Alison Winter

Title / Synopsis: Why Cogmed Matters for Traumatic Brain Injury

Recording | Slides (4MB)




Wednesday 18th March

Claire ParsonsPresenter(s): Claire Parsons

Title / Synopsis: Pearson Assessment: Overview of OT assessments

Recording | Slides (1.04MB)





Professor David SugdenPresenter(s): Professor David Sugden

Title / Synopsis: Intervention in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: Working with Professionals and Parents

Recording | Slides (0.6MB)



Shelley HughesPresenter(s): Shelley Hughes, SROT

Title / Synopsis: Sensory Profile 2: Research Overview and Applications for Practice

Recording | Slides (0.5MB)





Helen HampsonPresenter(s): Helen Hampson

Title / Synopsis: The OT journey: from university application to new practitioner, hints and tips from a newly qualified OT.

 Slides (2.89MB) | Q&A from webinar (65KB)


Thursday 19th November

Shelley HughesPresenter(s): Shelley Hughes, SROT

Title / Synopsis: Measuring Independent Living and Participation in Older People: Choosing the Right Assessment Tool for the Job.

Recording | Slides (0.2MB)



Friday 20th March

Mellissa PruntyPresenter(s): Mellissa Prunty

Title / Synopsis: Handwriting difficulties in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder 

Recording | Slides (3.88MB)



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